CERN sealed and shut down on July 9th, 2022


CERN sealed and shut down on July 9th, 2022

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His Hand against those that practice evil

Don Bradley Elul 3 August 31 2022

This event took place on July 9th 2022 after a 7 day daily at noon labor between myself and Eduardo, a fellow prayer warrior.

CERN LHC—sealed. I and another, every day for seven days at noon as guided, set our faces against CERN and their satanic enterprise—seeking His judgment as guided. Then…nothing. No news out of CERN, when they promised a veritable summer of news, new releases of this or that…but ever seeking out “dark matter.” Yeah, it was dark matter all right; trying to jail break His kingdom as you did by trying to drill through the ice wall, set off nukes in the early 1960s against the firmament, among a dozen other attempts to destroy His world. 3 decades of work and now its a bunch of useless buildings and a giant hole in the ground where nothing will ever happen, ever again.

Using the energy crisis in Europe as a cover (they have their own power supply, deep underground) they’ve said that they are shutting down. Well, that’s a lie. We shut them down in early July. This is just a cover story. Place has been dead all summer long.

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