The whole kill whitey thing they got going on


The whole kill whitey thing they got going on

Don Bradley May 4, 2023

The issue of race hatred which has been ratcheted up in the last 10 years by one single group of people, against all of mankind is insidious. They get everyone against the anglo, and when enough of them have been vaxxed killed off and made diseased, does anyone think their race is exempt from the same treatment?

They hate all the tribes of Earth, not just whitey. My friends, family of so many races, know and have seen this kind of tactic before in Germany, South Africa, and so on. Once they get rid of their most powerful enemies, they turn on those who have absolutely no safeguards when their ire is pointed at them.

They need all the races hating whitey.

Then its Asians, Filipinos, Brazilians, Mexicans, on down the list. It’s their master agenda for total control.

Dump the race thing; it’s stupid anyway and is frankly, anti Christ. That’s it.

It’s a shame what is going on in our culture but look at who is funding, selling, pushing, and enabling it. It’s the Edomites. The canaanites pretending to be a lost tribe of Israel when they are NONE.

The eyes you look into of his creation, whom he scattered across the world after Babel. This is His extended family. Once that really lands, it’s quite impossible to be racist.

There is only one gene pool that doesn’t belong and that’s Lucifer’s. Sleeping with Adam’s wife created a literal world of problems we know as evil. And it’s living, powerful, understands the real play of earth, can be multi-dimensional, and has Real Satanic Powers.

There is but one enemy – the lawless one. And his abomination of a family we call the Nephilim.


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