Dad is putting out the fires in Banff Alberta Canada UPDATED


Banff, dead center in pic, surrounded by swirling snow and rain storms this morning. End of the firestorm. Thanks Father. Thanks again for helping them out.

Turns out, 2 of the firebugs where hoping to “burn down the wypipo.” So, that being the case and under color of their own badge authority, they fall under the judgment for this now a crime.

Banff being hammered by rains from 3 directions at once. Going to leave some snow, so the little shites do not try to reignite. How’d that be?

banff wildfires put out by YHVH

Undoing what the lesbian coven there has wrought.

banff fires put out by YHVH

This is the Banff area of wildfires the women “firefighters” started yesterday. Before going to bed, YHVH our heavenly Father dealt with this at my request. As this was not arson per se, this was asking for something above and beyond last summers ajudication against the satanic arsonists. The rains there that appeared last night miracouusly killed this as a news story that NOW, no one wants to report on.

Why not?

He deserves all the thanks and praise a soul can muster; I send Him big double buggles with extra buggles. A simple idiot like me asks for His Mercy in this thing and it is granted? And now, silence…

Well I’m not silent. Thanks Dad, for doing this for those poor people. Please also, punish these witches for lying about this to the MSM and the people and make their coven NONE going forward.

Thanks again


PS Why did I put snarky quotes around women “firefighers?” Because if you cannot carry a coil of pump hose up at least 3 flights of stairs, you shouldn’t be on the job. Was a time, for decades, it was six flights. Then they lowered it to three for women, who couldn’t get the coil up past one flight of steps. Now, they don’t have that final exam at all. They just get in.

Then you are NO firefighter. If you cannot do the job, you shouldn’t be paid a 200K plus per year wearing the uniform. That’s why.

banff wildfires put out by YHVH

Plenty of snow and rains sweeping through the firestorm and will stay one full day into the night to make sure this DOES NOT come back anytime soon.

May 8th, 2023 9:05 am

Banff still getting hammered with rains

As proclaimed, so it is.

Banff, dead center of the rain mass. Promise made, promise kept, according to His Holy Word.

May 8th, 2023 11:31 am

Banff – final touches of snow, as foretold

Banff May 9, 2023

Don Bradley

Blue is snow, green is rain. To remind everyone who does not know, nor cares, nor even remembers last August (though it is there for all to read) the judgment against satanists/witches/coven/gimps is to die at the very thing they create to murder, harm, kill, and destroy with malice aforethought. That end is now barreling toward them like a freight train and it cannot be escaped, bargained away, save for FULL REPENTANCE and a life turned in penatence to Christ Yeshua.

Arsonists are some of the very worst soul skanks that be. The ruin, the death of animals and people, the destruction of property and the like…and they’ve been doing it to us openly and mockingly to our faces since the 1980s. And as proved by many including myself, these govt gimps (a gimp is a coven asset/witch that also works in ANY capacity for ANY government at ANY level) have in the last 3 years been using Antifa (Edomite satanists) to do their dirty work.

They get caught, the charges get dropped later, not a single one ends up in court or paying for the harm they wrought. That time is past. There is a worldwide judgment upon the lands and it is going to be more than effective. Start a fire to harm, hurt, or hinder others and you die pretty fast under the same thing you were doing to others.

And your tiny, feeble little bitch fallen sissy trans phreak Baal cannot lift a finger to save you. For that fraud is NOT Almighty God.

Just thought I’d mention it. Again. For the last and final time. You know this is wrong, as does the entire world.

So you want to burn down the wypipo…well, you first. Including the bastards who order this and everyone in between. I hope I am being fairly clear. When you find yourself trapped by a fire you cannot escape, no amount of hand clapping is going to bring you back from where you are going.


banff final touches of snow

Banff, dead center of the pic above, getting the snow to cap off their save from gimp/coven evil, as promised.

I hope that the people of Alberta are grateful to our Heavenly Father for His mercy in this thing and are giving all the earnest gratitude they can find in their hearts. I hope.

May 9th, 2023 7:30 am

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