Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood? NO (Masoretic Text vs Original Hebrew)


Mizraim is the Hebrew name of Egypt, and Mizraim was the great grandson of Noah who was born AFTER THE FLOOD. Not before it. Egyptology is a pack of lies and has been for over 140 years. Mizraim is under Noah’s curse as are the Cushites. It is of these bloodlines, we have nephilim hybrids that plague the world to this very day.

Saqqara is the first pyramid ever built in Egypt/Mizraim by JOSEPH, son of Jacob. Genesis chapters 37-50.

It’s a mistake to trust the Edomite liars from Israel or anywhere else. They are here to deceive you and it is they whom bring you space travel, men on the moon, and evolution.

The Masoretic text was created by the Edomites after the 11th century AD as revealed in the Talmud, the bible of Lucifer. They did this to lead the world astray and nearly all bible colleges and universities, worldwide use this blasphemy.

I could turn this into a 100 page article, but you get the point. Focus on Christ’s message of salvation in our time and do NOT be caught up into endless geneologies and whom was what when. It’s a trap that has been laid for you, to cause you to mistrust the Holy Word.

Lucifer laid this trap a long time ago to deceive mankind and make liars out of men.

I implore you to push this kind of bilge aside and turn your heart in sincere penitence to Yeshua/Jesus and be free. It’s all that matters anyways, not in being some smarty smart scholar. Men and women of “great learning” are very often, the most deceived by the deceivers. The simple man and woman…that’s whom are usually the most free from evil.

And have Christ’s light in their eyes.


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