Water a Great Blessing


Rains over Owens and Death Valley, almost every day now.

Death Valley, Owens lake, sierras every day abouts.

Tulare Lake reborn.

I spent more than six hours going up and down roads, visiting small hamlets, the great fields, all that. Everyone looks to be staying. Eventually, the tenant renters will have to move to a better locale. Buttsmell corp believes waters or no waters, the land and therefore the emergent lake, belongs to them. At least that portion is tard corp acreage. Interesting.

2 enormous heads, one looking dead on, the other to the right by 90deg.

dark cloud left center nice eyes. Mojave desert today.

The purple smudges above are rainfall in the Mojave desert out of nothing. This is how it starts, as when putting out arson, it just appears as a small cloud of nothing but the rain is falling. It grows by the hour into whatever it either needs or is growing to be.

Little Lake, CA.

Little lake is actually about 7 miles long and its completely full. I’ve never seen the like, before this year. Amazing thing to see.

Owens Valley and Death Valley in distance. Green as can be, even though 4 months ago, it was sand dunes and nothing.

Owens Lake.

this is just a sliver of the lake, it’s that big.

YHVH, Hebrew right to left.

Inyo desert and Death Valley in distance. Green and verdant, is now raining weekly there. And, the water is coming up from beneath the ground, all over the valley floor.


The expanding lake.

sealed for 2 miles in every direction, Red Rock Canyon.

Death Valley, Owens lake, sierras every day abouts.

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