Beast system troons


Beast system troons

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The Phreak demon that feeds upon children, child of Lucifer. The demon shine on this monster is evident as it knows it will feed on child flesh in the early morning hours. Along with the chief of police and a few celebrities in town for some murder and debauchery.

Witches applauding a trooned out child that has been repeatedly raped and sodomized to the point of total shock and desensitization. They even painted black tears revealing that this is precisely the troon child’s life these nasty women have created.

Flag of Nimrod, the beast. This is their “pride” banner and standard, declaring their total abomination of soul collective.

Sycophant lesbians and chiefs, promoted only because of the sheer amount of children they have slaughtered to advance to high priest(ess) and become chief. These heartless killers run all LEOs in the world.

A phreak government beholden to the trooned out beast, the ugliest shemale whore in history.

Their satanic allegiance is everywhere.

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