Calcified Placentas A Witch/Midwife's Disturbing Testimony


What women breed after vax weapon is unholy. Bish doesn’t mention the black eyed babies that come out. Wonder why…
Witches become midwives as a long standing practice. It’s an area they control, so they can seize upon those babies that have a “light” about them for later snatching and sacrifice. That’s a fact, reported here and in video testimony of witches who have come to Christ and have so stated.

Bish is a witch, so is the interviewer. And she is lying. There is NO COVID, its a common cold and DOES NOT EXIST and has NEVER been isolated in any lab, anywhere.

She is pushing an agenda, but also advising other witches which herbs (witch) to take to offset the weapon they took so they can still breed black eyed children. She is selling covid agenda lie while advising other covens of her work.

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