Masks Are Back At The White House



Sniffy and Dyke Jill are inviting national championship teams from NCAA Division I, II and II to the White House on Monday. Both men’s and women’s teams will be honored by the administration for their accomplishments.

Unless they’re unvaxxed, of course.

This is about conditioning with the whole mask hoax and we can count of the satanic corporate and coven controlled governments and businesses to insists once again, upon wearing the mask and six foot coven circle requirements, making everyone who does so, participants in a MEGA RITUAL going on worldwide.

Do you want to be part of the coven’s Mega Ritual? All you have to do is social distance and mask up and YOU ARE now carrying that ritual energy. Oh yes. Do ritual magic, whether conscious of it or not, makes no difference. The agreement to the spell is in the doing of, which makes one then in agreement with it.

Don’t want to be part of that evil magic in which the more souls doing so makes the spell more powerful for every person so engaged adds their spirit power to the thing at hand. And blurting out you are Christian makes no difference, IF YOUR ACTIONS ARE SIMPLY PERFORMING BLACK MAGIC. By definition, you are part of it.

They are gearing up for the late summer, August, marburg created event we’ve been waiting for. It’s in the vax weapon after all, as are so many other diseases and possession states. We can expect such a thing after the midsummer black sabbath on July 30th. Usually between August 1st through the 7th.

The demons, as several have stated under the authority of Christ Yeshua, confirm this over and over again –

  • The vax weapon is black magic, is a death shot, and opens doors so demons can take over.

They confirm that which we’ve already known for years. But before the demons, our Father has so confirmed it, through countless people and anecdotal accounts in the world. Countless.

Meet the spell casters.

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