Such a pretty smile, but an ugly soul


This little princess looks like marriage material.

But, take into consideration this

  • It attends group orgies, with blood, at least 8 times a year.
  • It’s bisexual and often, much worse.
  • It wields the knife that slaughters snatched children.
  • The nose slave ring indicates its coven sexual preference is other women.
  • If ordered to, it will slay you and your children, after first trying every attempt to corruption.

It will never be loyal to you; the coven orders and owns its life. You are just a target to corrupt, then divorce, when the stars say you are must vulnerable for suicide. All the while, it will do your friends, both male and female. It will always push your choices to selfish rather than giving, and when you finally catch the spiritual wave, she’ll find every thing wrong with your direction while arranging new distractions or NEW BEST FRIENDS!

Shall I go on?

What it wants you to see.

Categories Deceivers, Witches