Kern River and Lake Isabella—the labor of his Saints PART TWO


Kern River and Lake Isabella—the labor of his Saints

Don Bradley June 28th 2023

So today, I took a day road trip with a friend into the Sierra mountains, up the Kern River to Lake Isabella and Kernville. As I’ve been doing all month, I came to make new things to be done, see work done already, and enjoy Dad’s many cathedrals of Spirit, which literally are all around us in the Great Seas and Oceans, mountains and hinterlands, valleys and fields. These are all Holy Places, where the beast and his minions have no power beyond the satanic sites they stain the landscape with through their rituals of abomination. In the valleys, fields and forests, the satanic stench of evil that is the scrying screen of cellular evil, the digital slavery of the beast is none. No cell towers, no black screens, no influencing EMF signals at amplitude to destroy the DNA, no nano tracking of your body, movements and even feelings mostly exist not or if so, at a fraction of what they are in our world of slavery; for that is what it is in our time. A world of slavery.

The trip was wonderful.

Highway 178, heading north.

A perfectly clear sunny day, the rains abated, and blessings and good cheer all around. Places where no demonic troons are swinging their penises in the faces of young children, while the demons within them influence them to sick behaviors of beatings, torture, rape, and murder.

So, up the mountain roads into the Sierras we went, following the Kern river all the way up.

A very full Lake Isabella.

A great many forests, campgrounds, roads, and the like under water, their tops sticking out of the water.

In many places, the lake level was mere feet from covering the roads that go around the lake.

Waters higher than they been in 50 years.

Dozens upon dozens of pools of water great and small, bubbling up from beneath the ground. As foretold. At elevations and away from the lake by some distance. As with Lake Tulare, the waters are filling not just from the rivers and rainfall, but from beneath the landscape. I took a dirt road away from the lake and came upon good sized farms with fields revealing growing pools of water coming up from the completely full water table so much that, the ground itself cannot contain it. NO DUMBS there, be assured.

In Kernville, the waters are coming through fast and deep. I am making a video compilation in the morning, of the footage shot.

He reveals His glory each and every day in creation and its countless wonders; it should surprise none that He can makes rivers full, refill drained lakes by the damned, and provide all manner of His Will as often as He wishes.

Eric the Raven appears out of nowhere, talks to my friend and I, then he and his wife (Maranda with an A) both gave us a feather, right at our feet, to each of us.

A kind offering by Mister Eric. Al received one as well.

A staggering flow of water. They are quite insane if they think they can stop this volume from increasing Kern and Buena Vista lake, both of which have already doubled in size.

My surveillance team while in Kernville. Where I went, so did they. So, I gave them both a parting gift. When the guy on the left was following me around, I finally started following him around, but every time I tried to take his picture he gave me the back of his head. Fedboi gang stalkers (in reality, lockstep surveillance) don’t like having their cover blown and the target making sport of them openly. You have to have fun with this stuff and I’m 3 decades of experience in deal with NSA, Mossad, CIA, FBI, ex sheriffs gangstalking for the covens and CIA, you name it. If I see that any ever be pedophiles, they get a parting gift. Something to remember the day for the rest of their very short lives.

When the tables are turned. Showing or having fear only invites demons in. Laugh, have fun, be fearless. After all, Dad is with you, always. And it drives their demons mad when what works on most people doesn’t work on you.

Blessed waters on their way to Bakersfield and the new lakes growing larger every day.

Don’t have to worry about a thing, plenty more coming. Plenty for every body and every thing, beneath the surface.

I get home and Abigail is waiting for me by the back door. She’s sweet and gentle, will eat from your hand and one can even toss carrots at her and she doesn’t run away.

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