Chrissy Teigen transvestite proudly shares sweet series of photos of its soon to be transvestite younglings


‘Four people I made’: Chrissy Teigen proudly shares sweet series of photos of its kids… after announcing surprise birth of its fourth child by someone else, not it.

Troons/phreaks/shemales have to use surrogates or adopt. Same with lesbians.

When what looks like a perfectly healthy woman, lets another woman carry its “husband“s seed to term, it’s not its blood or bloodline, it’s someone else’s.

It made NOTHING.

But, this is the delusion/mental illness they want the world to say is real, when the whole phreak mess is just a lie in a long series of lies that is their lives.

Now watch 2 of the children become troons like it, but not in secret.

Then, when the children are of a certain age, they learn who the real father and mother is, and how special they are as a witch. This witch has slayed countless children.

The damned in the spotlight. The payoff for writing your soul out of the book of life.

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