vax weapon demon survivor - the spinners


Vax Weapon demon survivor – The Spinners

The increased frequencies give demons “water” to swim in. Light is of water. Selah.

A vax side effect that causes “intruders” in your house.

People reporting hearing people talking to them while they’re alone in bed trying to sleep. People knocking on their front door, or even their bedroom door. People screaming in the house that aren’t there.


I know three people who are absolutely convinced that they can hear talking while trying to sleep. All three reported it after the jabby-jab. I know others who developed tinnitus from it too.


I saw basically what I can only describe as “octopus mosquitos” attached to everyone in the room. They were just above their shoulder on their back, coiled around the people. They were different colours to my eyes, and I saw a literal weird wireframe like grid around the room as if it was 3D geometry. This was very very brief like seconds, and it wasn’t like solid lines. It was as if lines were made of many infinite tiny spirals forming dotted lines, hard to explain but it felt like everything existed within a grid. I had full belief in that moment I could somehow if I knew how, step through a wall.

Anyway, I turned and saw the same thing attached to me, and you see it close up like that and when it becomes aware you can see it it does the most spooky insane shit where it basically mindfucks you and gives you kaleidoscope torment vision. My trip dived pretty quick right as this started so I luckily came out of it, mine was induced by cactus juice I threw up.

Whenever you see those people doing the head turn spiral, they’re locked eyes with a weird spectral parasite that’s attached to them.

Oh, and I haven’t even said the freakiest part yet. When I looked out the window outside, the sky was like moths to a flame, millions of things in clouds coming through the sky, and gigantic ones.

The increased frequencies give demons “water” to swim in. Light is of water. Selah.

The Vaxxed see demons, before the demons – night terrors – come to take them.

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