Discerning evil spirits in others


Discerning evil spirits in others

Don Bradley July 7, 2023 (7-7-7)

Arc Angel Uriel, regent of the sun. Servant of YHVH.

It is a sad fact of our times, that our spiritual “leaders” so called, have left us bereft of knowledge necessary to wage the spiritual war with the spiritual realm we must all fight, if we are to have any victory in this physical dimension. As many know, our Heavenly Father YHVH through the Apostle Paul revealed to the world that our real enemy is unseen—fallen angels, demons of all ranks, powers, and principalities, etc. It is these agents of satan with whom we in reality must contend, if we are to travel from victory to victory, in our labors of

  • sharing the Holy Word and the Gospel of Christ Yeshua,

  • freeing ourselves and others from the icy grip of evil spirits of all classes,

  • understanding the evil within and without in the written or spoken word of others, whom seek to lead others regarding any aspect of Earth’s kingdoms—government, media, education, entertainment/amusements, religion, and the military.

These spiritual teachers/ministers/pastors always – and rightfully so – stress the importance of spiritual discernment, but never the HOW TO. Never. Have you noticed? It’s always the same thing; a bait title, How to discern spirits, and then a lot of necessary discussion and then they do a Missler—a person who says they will do a thing regarding the Holy Word and then routinely never delivers upon the promise, often hoping the blather and yak will confuse the person into thinking they have received the thing they thought they were getting, but didn’t. He was very sly that way and after catching him do it too many times in the early 2000s, my family coined the phrase to precisely define such a class of deceivers, of which he was the chief forerunner. Chucky, in his early years in public ministry, often bragged about being on the Dept of Defense council and the CIA, back when the common person thought these agencies were good things; not the evil organizations of the damned, who brought us DUMBS, adrenochrome factories, the destruction of the family under God, DARPA, the VAX WEAPON, et al. The world knows better now, and good luck finding those old late 90s/early 2000s videos of his, where he bragged in the spirit of vanity and pride, his demonic associations with Trilateral Commission and other agencies of the damned.

By their own words, they condemn themselves, Dad says.

The very and absolute first step in the discernment of spirits—evil or good—is prayer to the Most High Adonai, YHVH/Yeshua. In silent prayer – as Yeshua/Jesus so commanded us many times – ask Him, in your own words/idiom – to reveal to you the presence of evil spirits in the person, place, or thing under consideration. If your heart be true and sincere, to assist, aid, and free souls in the matter, He will give you such awareness.

The above is the key. Absolutely, the KEY. Because using the signs and expressions to be discussed later in this treatise on their own is NOT ENOUGH. For even saints can have some of these signs and in their case, it is simply a thing, meaning nothing. With His Guidance, the signs and expressions of demonic origin will jump out at you. They will. Every time. Without the prayer, you are hoping to see and understand, but you can be misled or without even that, your mind and its ability to discern such things, may simply be outclassed. And in dealing with the demonics, you most certainly are; for they have powers and a great hive mind, connected to all the other evil spirits which give them the illusion of all power and knowledge, when in fact, they are none. Remember this. It’s that important.

If He inspires you to also turn to the Holy Word – as He so often does – for further understanding, do so without hesitation. Speak not of what you are doing in an outward manner to others, unless you are with another person and your point of being in that place or with that person is some kind of joint doing to clear out of place of evil spirits or the person, with whom you must know is their animating spiritual center (of God or the devil, as they say). Whatever the reading is, keep it and the prayer to yourself. Never give the enemy your battle plans. Ever. To be clear:

Never give the enemy your battle plans. Ever.

When you pray aloud, you give the lawless one and his dark minions the key to your mind and heart and WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? When you see pastors and those taught by churchianity pray aloud, know they have their reward – they pray more for their own glory in the sight of their fellows, rather than the heartfelt and honest discussion between Father and son/daughter. You know the ones I mean. They aren’t praying, they are shining their spiritual buttons on their chest to raise themselves in the eyes of their flock, a blasphemy.

I know, many will say, my pastor is not like that, he prays aloud, but he’s a good man. I know you believe that, but try discernment of spirits on him and then see how he shakes out.

  • Does he teach from the NIV/ESB/whatever – jewish demonic versions of the Holy Word based upon 11th century masoretic text? See Gail Riplinger’s New Age Bible Versions for the truth of the matter.

  • Does he constantly exhort the congregation to busy to do things in the community so that people will think that’s the Holy Way and enough good doing, so they “feel” better about themselves? When he should be teaching The Way of a deeper relationship with Christ from rising to rest and that always?

  • Does he honor the satanic festivals but never YHVH’s festivals, of which Yeshua/Jesus and his apostles/prophets did in commandment of YHVH? And if your answer to this is the modern lie that “we don’t have to do those things since Christ’s crucifixion” then know your pastor/priest/minister is serving the beast and not Christ, knowingly or unknowingly, for had he truly studied the Holy Word, he would most certainly know that christmas trees and Easter eggs are things of BAAL and MOLOCH and ASTARTE. And if you don’t have to do those things, then why honor satan’s festivals Christmas/saturnalia, Easter/Astarte, Halloween/witches sabbath of Samhain, etc? Why ignore the Holy Word festivals that Yeshua said TO HONOR, but then do these unholy things AND IN THE CHURCH ITSELF, THE SUPPOSED TEMPLE OF THE MOST HIGH AND CHRIST. This kind of modern spiritual hypocrisy screams of satan and the beast.

  • Does he say Sunday is the seventh day, when its in fact, Saturday?

  • Sure…your pastor is not like that. Frankly, you are wrong and that’s okay to be wrong providing we learn the truth AND THEN DO IT. No grey area with our Father and Yesh. Saying He knows your heart and that makes it okay to serve the beast cuts nothing in Heaven; in point of fact, its in the doing not the saying, that is judged. Keep that in mind. The DOING.

  • Also, in my 30 years of field work and churchianity visits, its the witches pretending to be Christians in the congregation that push the satanic rites and festivals the most and are its biggest boosters. Sure, but your church friends are different. If you beg for blindness then that is what you will have and your ability to discern evil spirits is and will be, NOTHING, for you have refused to see what is already in front of you, controlling your life.

He’s not only like that, he’s nephilim.

eyes of the damned, the mega preacher.

When HUGE bigtime preachers reveal themselves.


And I mean ALL OF THEM.

Each and every one. But yours is different. Sure.

The above is just a few of the many tells in discerning if that church or congregation is under the satanic spell of satan. As Yeshua admonished us through the apostle Paul and others, God is not found in a building made by men’s hands.

(Apologies for all the side roads; but many people are very unfamiliar with spiritual realities and some kind of meager understanding is necessary for them to comprehend what is being written, in the main. Don)

Having prayed and probably turned to the Holy Word, the ability to discern the presence of unholy spirits is greatly enhanced beyond the knowledge and field skills of ANY person in this world. Armed with truth, righteousness, faith, salvation, Spirit, and the Gospel of Peace, you are ready to discern the person, place or thing under consideration. Many times, there is no time at all to so prepare – because that is how life often is – events and people come into our orbit and we must make snap discernments on the fly, so to say. No problem. A simple inward prayer of a few words is more than enough to accurately ascertain without judgment, the thing at hand. I say without judgment, because unless the person is in a coven (therefore a witch or wizard) they are victims in the matter. Every time. Judging the patient because they have small pox doesn’t help. Small pox is the issue, not whom is infected.

Try and always remember that. Leave judgment up to Yeshua—its His right after all.

So, you’ve done the above and here you are with someone and inwardly you feel something is amiss. Pay attention to that. Test them and pay attention. Pray your little prayer in secret – takes a few seconds, making no outward sign like clasping your hands together (wrong, it closes the circuit, when in full prayer, away from your fellows unless they too wish to join you, the way for spiritual connection is

  • with both feet firmly planted underneath you;

  • your face shining towards heaven/the firmament, where the Throne of the Most High Adonai YHVH resides, not pointed to the ground where satan’s domain is;

  • your arms outstretched above your head, palms outward and upward, completing the circuit to the Most High.

Connected to the Most High YHVH.

We can thank the satanic catholic church for all that kneeling (no connection to the earth), facing the dirt (domain of hell, Sheol, the damned,) clasping our hands and closing off reception of any and all blessings of the moment, etc. That all came from Rome and that’s how modern false preachers teach as well.

In prayer, you are in perfect joy, because this is you connecting to Him, whom loves you in ways and being beyond mankind’s wildest wondering and imagination. And you! Whom loves Dad and Yeshua with such a fervent happy joy, that at all times, the merest thought of Them above just swoons you with a sea of joyful tides, outstripping any and all things that make people happy in this world. It’s how it is with me and a few others I know.

Certainly, that describes you. Yes?

Good. Very good. You are definitely on The Way.

And Yeshua will make straight that way for you, as John did for Him, 2,000 years ago.

The signs and tells of evil spirits in a person

And now to deliver the goods. These are but a few of the tells which warrant further investigation. Know also, that the presence of the Holy Spirit in you will bring much to the surface, which otherwise would be hidden. Witches and satanists are taught early and often to be masters of their outward expression among gentiles and the saints. They know that they can be “made” by those whom understand such things and their demons always inform them through the mechanism of whispers when someone with the Holy Spirit is present. As the Holy Spirit within you is cautioning that there are demons present in the person. Both sides are being advised. Those with the Holy Spirit pay attention to such things.

  • Static nervousness and twitching. This either energy draining twitches – energy not being used, but also, not grounded because of rubber soled shoes and the like or demons in the presence of the Holy Spirit and the twitching is their being uncomfortable in the host’s skin.

  • Talking with their hands; the demons within are making hexing/cursing moves while the person speaks. It’s so common among the damned, they cannot control it nor do they want to. If you ask them to speak without all that constantly moving hand gestures, they not only defend it, but angry because it inhibits the demons within from taking and making use of their vehicle of possession to entrance, enslave, or hex the listener.

  • Staring. Not just paying attention to you, but that deep soul stare and its not pleasant. For the look of one with the Spirit of Christ is gentle, kind, and radiates love. With others, its that stare that is almost demonic shine, but isn’t.

  • Slits or Black Eyes: The Demon is present and in control. Very dangerous.

  • Deep guttural coughs that have a subtle or rather loud and obvious growl in them. Especially if your Holy Spirit infused speech is driving them out of their belly.

  • Perpetual Debby downers, whom constantly are in a state of unhappiness and grief, whom they share with anyone in earshot. In modern parlance, they are called buzz killers or joy stealers. And most folks quickly learn to avoid them because they know that just 20 minutes in their presence makes them feel drained of all life. Because that is exactly what is happening. You are being drained – of everything from electrons to your own Spirit energy. It’s a demon thing and attack. The listening to of such a soul so possessed is the agreement for the demon to “steal” your energies of all types. And so it is.

  • Constantly sticking their tongue out or over their lips, especially when the demon has or is taking control of their speech. When they – in silence and secret – are cursing or hexing someone in front of them, the tongue comes out. And its nasty. But, if its a hot day and the person is dehydrated, this merely indicates they need hydration. But if conditions are NOT dehydration, then yeah, demon/witch present. Every time.

  • Demonic shine. The most powerful demon/higher demonic has taken over somewhat and a kind of ephemeral glaze comes over their eyes. You can see it on bitchute if you want to see hundreds of examples. All those satanists/witches who run along the top masthead in advertising their channel have either the STARE or DEMONIC SHINE. Every single one, without exception. That site is filled with witches, pretending to be conservative Christians or saints. Once you see that stare or shine, its a done deal. They are with the beast and that’s a fact. In point of fact, they are so vain, that they stick their face in their own material in the corner for not only their vanity, but also to allow their demons—through the eyes—access to the viewer who clicks on their stuff. It’s why they do it.

  • Satanic sigil tattoos. These are anchored upon the hands, above the navel, anywhere above the thorax to the lower ear, base of the spine, across the shoulder blades on their back. These are key energy centers that their demons are now anchored at via the sigil. Now, there are plenty of innocent souls who have tattoos, thinking they joined the cool club. Very often, they were persuaded by “friends” into sigils of demons unknowingly. As said before, just using a tell in your discernment is NOT ENOUGH. You can make mistakes and then fall into judgment – condemning the innocent along with the damned. Make sure you have the whole armor of Adonai before going down that road or you might be the one judged wrongly. That’s how real justice works.

  • He or she is a slut in every sense of the word. That’s demons in charge and its why they see nothing wrong with such behaviors. Because the demon blocks their sense of right and wrong, having taken over in an inward way. In deliverance, one of the first things the free person laments, is all their whoredoms and so very many. It frankly sickens them to think of their past. Its the same with every one so delivered, man or woman. And, its a good sign the deliverance took hold and was successful.

  • If a self proclaimed Christian, they rarely read or use the Holy Word, the Bible, in any daily, meaningful way. And if one is present and referred to, they get angry and impatient with the proceedings at hand. Or they use it wrongfully. You’ll know what that means in all its connotations by simply paying attention. Stop sleep walking through your day, be fully attentive and involved in all your doings and activities. You miss much that otherwise would grow you into the Temple of the Most High that you are. Build His Temple for your OWN ark of the covenant within you by being the best person you can be IN ALL THINGS.

  • Terrible hygiene to the point of being more than offensive, its demonic. In this case, its not a bad smell, like maybe their body is expelling some toxins through the skin that day – that happens to us all, via the lymph glands, etc – its a STENCH that is rancid and is spiritually harmful. It cannot be explained beyond this, but only experienced. Satanic ritual sites often contain the same STENCH of rancid sweat and decay and once smelled, is never to be forgotten, I assure you.

  • Whenever in discussion with such people, they sooner or later start in with the Guilt or Doubt attacks; subtly at first, then with declarative power if they see it having an effect upon you. This is a conscious, dyed in the wool, witch. The first thing our Father taught me on my walk upon the way that the two MAIN weapons of satan and any rank of his minions, whether in the body or out of the body, is doubt and guilt. Because it works. You see that being resorted to with gusto, even slightly – the damned is before you.

Evil doesn’t want you reading the Holy Word, Praying to YHVH, seeking Yeshua in your walk upon the way, or bringing the Living Presence of the Holy Spirit within you out into the world, where you will have a freeing and positive effect upon people, places, and things. They will do all that is possible to dissuade you from any such doings, loving, being, and giving. They hate you for it, for they Hate Christ Yeshua. Above all, they hate Christ. Edomites freak out over his name. It’s why they are changing the aspects of being a Christian and the Holy Word/Torah as hate speech laws and are making the things of the beast – troon this or that, pedophiles, the works, acceptable and then codified into law. As we see in our time. If they would have tried any of this luciferic bilge 30 or longer years ago, they would have been strung up on trees.

The rest is field experience. What you learn by doing and being. And that’s up to you. As it was and is, up to me. It’s how I got here, by doing. You cannot proceed upon the straight way by sitting on your backside as a do and be nothing. Doesn’t work. Of course, some times in our life, He puts us on our backside for either atonement or because we need a break from the busy satanic distractions so you can have the time needed to see where in your life you can and should be, that better man or woman.

Best wishes in your Holy Walk upon the Way.


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