Don Bradley 7-8-23

The issue of shame is not often thought of by the average person, other than the odd “I felt ashamed at bla bla bla…” If you ask someone what shame is, they really cannot define it for you. Ever. Because shame is powerful, insightful, hard hitting, and full of promise.

But, greatest of all, shame is the first step in Repentance, which leads to renouncing of the old ways of the beast in any aspect of life, and then capable and willing to receive salvation.

Shame is also a Great Spirit in Heaven, who can see every depth of the soul and heart of a person, animal, tree, wave, cloud, and the very stars in the heavens. When the Spirit of Shame lands upon you, know you are loved. For He has given you at that very moment, a chance to repent and do better.

It’s frankly a moment of Supreme Grace.

Without shame there could not possibly be a change of heart to never do, be, or think such despicable things of which shame reveals in us. It’s a great Gift. It portends you way out of hell is at hand. Again. And again. And again, as needs be until you learn, that yes, lies and self-deception keep you in the same grave as always, getting closer to having your fingers burned each and every time.

Shame is a spiritual component of His Great Love for us, our Adonai YHVH. For He does as much and gave us a Great King whom is His only Son as our husband and Savior.

If shame comes upon you to repent of whatever ugly business you feel terrible about, remember this is yet another extended Hand of Love from Him. To come home so He can Love you as a son or daughter.


Zechariah 8

21 And the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to pray before YHVH, and to seek YHVH of hosts: I will go also.

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