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Witches are controlled by demons that other witches use to control lessor slugs – mindless servants speaking and doing, when the real puppet master nearby controls the answers. In this way, you see that below, Susan Atkins of the Manson Family is giving Charlie what to say, via a demon. It’s what was witnessed last week over the Hunter Biden whitewash hearings that will end in nothing.

There is NO TIME-DELAY between what the creepy, wide-eyed woman in blue says with her lips, and what Stacey Plaskett speaks into a microphone.
Thus Stacey is not just “using an earphone”.
At one point, the woman in blue covers her mouth with her hand, because she realizes that her puppet-master routine is being filmed.
This would be impossible, unless Stacey has a brain-chip, which causes her to speak the woman-in-blue’s words in real time.
Stacey is just a “ventriloquist’s dummy”.
Infiltration not invasion. Right in front of your eyes.

Stacey even makes the small speaking “mistakes” which the woman-in-blue makes, at exactly the same time. Stacey is SPEAKING in real time, what the woman-in-blue is THINKING. She can cover her mouth with her hand, but still THINK the words which she makes Stacey SAY.

Rep. Plaskett and handler 2023,
  • Sanpaku eyes, check.
  • Shifts into slits, check.
  • Lesbians, check.
  • CIA Calce is Jewish, check.
  • Using adrenochrome, at the time, check.


Charles Manson and Susan Atkins Telepathy 1970,

Yet more proof the CIA is just one big Assemblage of powerful witches.

Witch Calce with Joe Biden’s sister, at a CIA strategy meeting. Their vanity is their downfall.

Witch Calce dropped in on the Hunter whitewash to make sure outcomes, come out.

Everyone that is part of the Judiciary is a nephilim witch/hybrid. The entire structure, run by Khazars/Edomites/Canaanites.

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