Gypsy Beauties


Of course they are and always have been raised as witches. That’s an historical fact. And behold, of the three above,
  • One already has demon shine
  • One has slits
  • All are High Priestesses.

So, if you don’t mind her taking part in orgies with diseased strange men/women on a nearly monthly basis and the fact she wields the knife that takes the child’s life, sure date one. Go right ahead. These kind don’t believe in divorces; they just kill off the unwanted mate.

Gypsy witch with multi-generational charm necklace handed down mother to daughter. Each little circle, represents a “spirit/demon” that has been anchored to the necklace to provide certain powers, protection, gifts, etc. The necklace is reconsecrated to satan when handed from one witch to another. She has the eyes of a predator for she is one.

Categories Witches, Deceivers