new yorks family court statue of a nasty chimera


New yorks family court literally has a statue of a monster woman (medusa) cutting off the head of the hero (perseus). This is what family court uses as its symbol…a woman beheading a man.

The 3rd wave feminist/Canaanite credo – kill all white men. And of course, the nasty skank chimera is naked.

Being in this court as a white male means…abandon all hope if you find yourself in our courts – we are here to ruin your life.

Complete with snake head serpents.

When you are in the marriage, sex is used as a weapon in the relationship. In divorce, the children of that sex are used as weapons to hurt the father. Endorsed and approved by ALL satanists, who want to see the family ruined and the children disenfranchised and trafficked for ritual sacrifices and gay bs.

However, in the real saga, Perseus beheads the chimera Medusa, a very good day.

And that’s the thing, really, you have to remove these unholy, unlawful nepheshes from this world. For they have animal vision, atavistic telepathy and clairvoyance, and animal strength and cunning (for hunting…you). Leaving these things alive is a mistake.

Remember all the black eyed vax babies coming down the pike. Many are turning into very chimeric things. Yet they are being hidden from the public, taken over by covens and kept locked away in secure facilities. Many are already fully grown, even though only a few years old; they can speak fluently and the DEMON is most definitely the nephesh or soul inside. When it dies, it has only one place to go and has no place in the redemption cycle because its nephesh was a living abortion, not a birth.

CPS is now seizing these kind in hospitals straight away and taking them. As the mother is a witch, they let them and get a big payday.

Only 2 days old, premi, but can hold head up and follow/understand conversations already. This was 2 years ago.

A child witch becoming just like mommy.

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