Witches who took down gaming and comics - nephilim witches, CIA (nudity)


Of course, the people who ruined gaming and made it mandatory woke and all the rest of deviant phreakism. All canaanite lesbians and pedophiles. GamerGate basically murdered the Left’s complete control over everything because it exposed just how corrupt they all are. Notice the lack of feminist girl power politics now? Gamergate killed that by showing these feminists to be paid-off liars in every way.

GG really woke up a lot of gamers to the evils of the political left and made it impossible for the left to use video games for politics like they were trying to do and still do.


The timeline of infiltration goes something like this:

Marxist-inspired ideology begins to get popular amongst sociologists, leading to quasimarxist activism. The CIA uses jewish asset Gloria Steinem to push 1st wave feminism and of course, bish is given full media darling treatment in every magazine and tv show of the era.

these same people slowly infiltrate their way up into positions of power in academia. The CIA installs leftoid, edomite professers to make changes into education by eroding the spiritual in favor of crass materialism of narcissistic self over the family.

this is the point where the ideology starts infiltrating different professors as it begins to become systematically enforced at the university level (this is a slow an uneven process and happens at different points amongst different departments). this is when students start to get exposed to it explicitly, and it becomes trendy in liberal arts education. CIA and JDL take over ALL education in America.

the culture is now definitely marxist amongst the professors, this is now taught to college kids in some fashion; the activist ideology encourages getting into positions of power, which the youth that are now indoctrinated in this stuff proceed to do. The edomites start introducing the gay pride themes in schools; first with flags, then demanding inclusion, then indoctrination, then MANDATORY gay everything. Satanism is now controlling education at every level.

early 2010s
this is when tumblr is at its peak, culturally; all of the zogged students are there because it’s full of liberal arts types; this is also around the time these people are starting to get into positions of power. The witches are everywhere, empowered by canaanite/CIA assets and total control over the family now, not just while the children are in schools, BUT AT HOME.

mid 2010s
people that believe in these ideologies are now starting to occupy positions of meaningful power, especially in HR departments, journalism and the like; at the same time, now some of these ideologies are ingrained in the masses as they’ve become college ‘educated’; this creates a political and corporate appetite for it.

and now there are major (((financial))) reasons for the degeneracy as well; companies can only get capital if they play the DEI game. gamergate is almost entirely orthogonal

Chealsey Van Valkenburg aka Zoe Quinn.

  • Satanist witch, check.
  • CIA asset, check.
  • Works for DARPA, check
  • Edomite/jewish, check.
  • baphomet signage, orion’s belt, check.
  • Wealthy bloodline family, check.

GamerGate Pedophile arrested. John GOLDBERG, jewish pedo phreak, child killer and rapist.

And they are ALL pedophiles.

Zoe Quin, nee valkenburg. Satanic tattoos all over, and in control of inserting sodomy and lgbtphuko into gaming and comics. Connected to the Hildebeast, mirrored Hillary’s server for COMET PING PONG Frazzledrip infamy. This is one nasty killer.

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