Witch Jessica Rowe with Daughters, 16 and 14


If either children ever marry, she’ll be sexually bored with her husband. the memory of all the gross dudes she’s slept with will come back. A visceral felt memory of all the fondles… every time her husband tries to touch her those memories will come back and she’ll probably slap his hand away or something.The children are screwed too. They have the dna of the past dudes she’s slept with in them, – plus the demons that come with joining with other men and women – and they’ll get reviled by their friends and bullied. they’ll come to hate their mom, furthering her problems. Cuck husband married a whore, and hasn’t shown he has good judgement so he won’t be able to guide the kids in their righteous anger. It’s truly best to stay with Christ.

The cackling witch mother.

The one on the left, at 16, already has dead soulless eyes. This process began when, as a child, she was forced to kill cute little puppies and kittens; it’s how the coven parents indoctrinate their offspring into committing their first kills, then murders. After years of that and endless nasty vaginas and dicks shoved in their faces, their souls and visage, harden. You can always tell the magnitude of debauchery a teen has been through when at a young age, their eyes reflect a lifetime of misery and agony to the point of having…

…a heart of stone.


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