Charlie Chaplin THE KID claws rooftop chase scene


If you watch the movie – and they left it in, amazingly – from 1921, you can watch Chaplin’s fingers extend in length to 3X any normal hand’s finger length. These things happen fast, very fast, so you have to be astute and use your peripheral vision at first, to pick up on the shift, like cats use. Charlie, as they ALL ARE, was nephilim reptoid.
  • An adrenochromer.
  • Satanists.
  • Child murderer.
  • Witch.
  • High Priest.
  • Jewish.

I have a great many pics and videos of these reptoids with momentary claw emergence. At stage one, the fingers extend. Stage two, the skin becomes scaly and starts to change shape. Final stage, is the reptoid claw with HUGE pointy fingernails. More than a useful hand, a terrible killing weapon as well.

Friends, there are two bloodlines on Earth. The sooner you all understand this, the easier it will be to move on to the heavier realities, most of them unpleasant, but necessary to know and understand.

Here’s what you do to speed things up. Pray to the Most High Adonai YHVH to open your eyes and ears to the truth of these creatures that He
  • give you the strength to handle it, so you don’t freakout as so many do
  • and the vision to know of a certain, these things be so.
  • Yah hoo ahhh as a single thing, not separately sounded out into syllables.

    Sounds like


    And it is.


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