Storm 30 Updated


Ojai has two DUMBS. One by the lake, the other by the NSA antenna nest out by St. Thomas Aquinas Jesuit College. Understand?

M 5.1 – 7 km SE of Ojai, CA Depth 14.6 km
M 3.6 – 6 km ESE of Ojai, CA Depth 1.6 km
M 4.0 – 3 km SE of Ojai, California Depth 9.0 km

Sunday abouts 1pm – navy and USAF using radar to influence outcomes. No.

Not gentle like the last one. Storm 29 was meant to just be a reminder that this all is starting up again for the west. Have to finish what we started – erasing evil beneath our feet. That takes oceans of water.

Death Valley and the Great Mojave Desert get it first. And A LOT.

Then to the coast and upward.

To be updated over the next few days, if necessary.


What no one is mentioning is there is still a good amount of snow in the eastern sierras. When the rain starts it will melt off the rest of it. ALL of the lakes are full, creek are already overflowing, the ground is highly saturated resulting in no permeation resulting in massive runoff in the Mountain and Foothill areas. Owens Lake is already a lake again (f… you DWP ). The eastern sierras from Mono Lake all the way down to Olancha could release enough water to destroy parts of 395 (which happened this winter already).


Everywhere I go and read, it’s the same thing. Seems the whole world wants TOTAL DESTRUCTION to come to California. Like 96% of every thing, everywhere I go online. Just like earlier this year.

The world knows the evil that spews from this land. Well, it’s a beginning.

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