Lest there be confusion


Lest there be confusion

For years, prayers and the sharing of horrid crimes against mankind. For years, the people howl about the abuses, the children trafficking, trans phreakism against young children as young as 2 years of age, the ritual torture and murder, then stuff their little bodies into our hamburger and sausage meats.

For years.

And when calamity comes, it’s usually some dogged out trailer park in Oklahoma. Never the elite. They seem to always walk between the raindrops.

Not anymore.

Now, the tragedies hit home in their neighborhoods and among their kind. The 1200 landslides that took out wealthy homes in California this year, in elite neighborhoods; the Maui fire; BC, among many other elite enclaves and strongholds. One after another suffers atonement as the rest of the world has for the last 70 years.

And everyone acts like its a bad thing.

I show you the times we live in. And atonement and judgment are perfect in their execution. For He is Perfect.

And there is more coming. High and low.

These ugly unholy satanic activities of the Canaanites and their minions need to be answered for. By them. And anyone who cooperates in their sick agenda.


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