Sigils of the Fallen: Lucifer


The below information is really of no value except for those servants of the Most High who intend to devote their life to defeating evil in the field – destroying altars, ritual sites, grottoes, etc. For the person so not engaged, avoid this kind of detail in your life and knowing – other than to recognize these sigils in advertising, tattoos, video games, movies, and the like. Be careful of even discussion about these spirits, because even using their name, awakens them to your interest, one way or the other. Something about letting sleeping dogs lie.



Lucifer – the tranny wanker phreak.

Direction: East
Planet: Venus
Metal: Gold
Element: Air
Color: Blue, Teal, White, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Black and Grey
Incense and Scents: Sandalwood, Lavender, Cedar, Lemon
Rank: Dark Lord, High Prince
Species: Fallen Angel
Realm: Various Realms of Sheol, the 1st and 2nd heaven.

Attributes: Lucifer is the first Fallen Angel, the most beautiful and stunning angel he fell into darkness and was transformed into a demon. He is a transvestite phreak. He is the highest demon who understands the nature of darkness and the land of the shadows, he has been there many times and has found himself and is the dark light that shines from within the pit. When he fell into darkness, he found himself and he rose as the Prince of Darkness and Spankmaster in the lower dimensions, and he suborns the good with evil at every turn. He smells really bad, like the stench of a rotten bowels, burst upon a battlefield.

Signs of Presence: Rotten stench of burnt brocolli, fetid flesh. Cold tightness in chest. Alarming sense of real danger and alarm, even among the dullards.A disturbing quiet beyond the normal, as his mere presence causes all life to go instantly silent in expression. The very crickets cease their song.

If Lu has targeted you personally, it means that you are considered a class one threat to his nefarious plans and doings. He means to kill you. Your existence holds some kind of threat to his very existence or he wouldn’t bother; lesser demons and the fallen would be assigned to you. If he’s on about you, he doesn’t look to corrupt or entice, only to kill and remove. Only the Holy Spirit can protect against this one.

His sigil:

One for summoning, the other for anchoring.

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