burning man drowning


This is for John. See…you simply asked and received.

Be blessed, brother.



Ah…the playa. Where witches gather in their black masses for the burning of the wicker man. A great orgy of human debauchery and human sacrifice.

When they all realize, they are standing in the very elements in perfect balance to make concrete and the mud they are wading through is turning the fat in their skin into soap, before stiffening with the dust/mud into concrete…then the fun starts.

People are trying to escape, but the mud has hardened into quikcrete and the reality of the situation is starting to sink in.


These waters brought to you courtesy of YHVH and He has set His seal upon His work. Two more days of rain should about do it. And every year hereafter, as it shall be.

75000 snowflakes trapped in a caustic mud ocean
The mud is alkaline and dissolves skin.
This link indicates that infection including CELLULITIS SEPSIS DEATH is a risk of “Playa Foot” from exposure to the moist dessert mud dust.


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