Burning (wicker) man ritual festival


Just a happy reminder. In case you missed it the first time; many did.

As regards BM (bowel movement), henceforth, each and every time they have this, the rains will come. Doesn’t matter where they put the thing or when. The rains will come. And keep coming, year after year.

That’s the judgment and now, CURSE.

Those that attend burning man are already dead; they had to be vaxxed with the MARK of the beast to be there.

Same goes for Bohemian Grove revels. Rains are going to come for that event, even if you have it indoors.

Almost forgot. Also, expect lightning as well; and the odd twister.

A great many of these adjudications are going long term, because the blasphemies and child sacrifice at these things is quite sufficient.


PS After April of 2024, the USA won’t be in much shape to have ANY kind of festivals for ANYTHING, anyway.

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