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9/11 Meaning


Movie prop from SUBMARINE COMMAND with Bill Holden etc. Check out the date on the brass plaque. The date they used for the sub in the movie.

Even in those days, they were telegraphing to the damned, a date they always blaspheme.

So, what’s the deal on all this 911 thing?

Well, some say it was the day of Christ’s birth. I’ve yet to get confirmation on that angle. Even Stellerium reveals nothing significant; no it is NOT about Rev 12, that was and is, a different thing already well covered. Every Single Time I asked I was given the answer that they were honoring the Day and Time that Satan obtains his short time on earth to do what he will. They stamp it on everything, do evil on that date, and set markers far and wide, now and in the past on this.

Here is the wisdom.

The 9/11 date is in actuality REVELATIONS 9:11


Revelations 9:11

11And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Now, as YHVH reveals in the Holy Word, Appolyon or Apollo is the Greek and or Roman’s name for SATAN.

This whole passage in Revelations 9 is about the lawless one. His demonics moving over earth, etc. They can’t wait. Heck, they aren’t waiting. Anything else is a cover story or dodge to get you to ironically now worshiping that date as Yeshua’s Birthday, when it is SATAN’S BIRTHDAY into this realm.


However, deep diving modern scholars on Yeshua’s entrance in His life on this world knows it was in the fall and most are certain (I agree, confirmation) it occurred on the Feast Of Tabernacles. God is With Us.

Plenty of great docs out there on that; well done, too.


Every time I heard Christ as the 911 thingy the satanists stick on and in every little thing, the Holy Spirit threw up alarm bells of warning and that tension in my heart would show up. Every Single Time I read Rev9:11, I was impressed with

This is that which they do.

As well as the understanding of the meaning, as explained.


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