The Demon Stare


Cheryl Hines, born on a witches sabbath 9-21-65, Nephilim SLITS.

The Demon Stare

Don Bradley

Sept 14 2023

What is happening is the witch is doing 2 things.

1. Trying to gain power over you.
2. Measure your spiritual estate and power.

The witch lets the senior demon within extend a portion of itself into the eyes, the space between it and the subject and the aura of the person they are attempting to put one over on you. You can tell the difference between just absent minded staring and the demon stare by the sense of

  • danger
  • feeling instantly uncomfortable (because your aura/Light body radiance is being probed
  • uneasiness
  • the feeling often expressed in times past as “I could feel them undressing me with their eyes.”

The instant you experience this challenge – for that is what it is, a challenge to your sovereign soul/spiritual estate – do the following at once.

  • Return the challenge. You do this by gazing sharply, with authority, right back at them. Even if others are about, do not break contact first.
  • Proceed to pray in secret to Yeshua to protect you from this attack; for that is what it is, an attack.
  • Do not break contact first. The person to look away first has surrendered to the challenge and the witch claims spiritual victory/authority on the field of battle.
  • Send them a mental message of "stop at once or I will, right now, invoke the Fire of the Holy Spirit. That does it every single time. The demons can hear you and they know what that means. The demons will break contact and then the witch will look away.

If you surrender first, in essence, you are telegraphing to their demons that you surrender to their authority. This is a thing you NEVER want to do, ever. Seriously. They can now cast spells, hexes, and curses against you and they will have initial access. If you know of someone who repeatedly does this to you, then you have a witch/wizard in front of you that is seeking to harm you. For to do this repeatedly, is an assault that is serious in its form.

I’ve had countless encounters with witches of all ages who have tried this on me in times past. Not so much anymore, because I instantly call the fire down on them so they are burned, spiritually. No warnings; not anymore. I see demon stare or demon shine, my sword is already out and coming at them.

If you are in mixed company, the witch will usually wait until no one is looking to do this to you. If you see it in an advertisement or other medium, the demon stare in the image is accompanied by a spell, whatever it may be. If you see such a thing in an image, rebuke it at once in the name and blood of Yeshua.

If you find yourself in a setting and 2 or more witches are doing this to you, it’s serious. They want to create a very bad event in your life to hurt you. Do not hesitate, call the Holy Fire down at once. No mercy. These creatures want your death. Make no mistake about that.

You see tranny phreaks do this all the time to children, who are defenseless against their power, for they are children. Do not let children around tranny phreaks, they are rapist killers.

If you have a picture in front of you, do what I’ve been doing since 1993 – cover everything but the eyes with your hands. DING! The demon just jumps out at you.

Bish has killed a great many people.

RFK’s tranny phreak “wife” doing the stare. Rebuke at once.

These witches are adding demon stare to whatever authority their job has already given them as doctors, nurses, cops, teachers, principals, etc.

They often do this while they are trying to put one over on you or sell you something or ordering you around with lies. Every time. Cops use the demon stare – especially women/dyke cops. They are the worst.

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