Simon - Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair -Full Version- Lyrics


Dude…this is spell casting. Arguably, at its finest, but it’s still spell casting. they were witches. They used death imagery on one layer underneath the elements and instruction for their target to perform, so she will fall in love with the spell caster.

The tune and lyrics date back to the Middle Ages. The herbs were mentioned for their spiritual meaning in medieval lore. Parsley was thought to remove bitter emotions. Sage was a symbol of wisdom and healing. Rosemary evoked remembrance, and was used to bless weddings with love and fidelity. Thyme was a symbol of courage and chivalry.

Someone didn’t get the word. Can’t buy me love, you know. Nor can love spells last long, once the hypnotism wears off.

One of the biggest hits in music history, it is said.

WARNING- playing this music could invite shades or shadow walkers, bind and rebuke any making an appearance. Pray for protection prior to listening.

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