The demon stare in advertising


The Loop newspaper, a witch owned and operated pulp paper put out, as many small towns have, to inform the locals of the latest whatever. That’s on the surface. I picked this up yesterday in town.

But, as always, they use demonic magic against anyone who dares to open its pages, as evidenced of the intentional witch using DEMON STARE to pull you in. There is no other reason to put an ugly witches stare into the lead masthead on the front. If you fall for it, you also surrender to what you find inside.

  • NLP command phrases
  • Satanic blatherings
  • Woke crap galore
  • Glorifying themselves as wonderful people.

Sure you are.

Also, people should know that in our time, the word COMMUNITY is code for COVEN. That’s a fact, Even witches have told me this.

Using black magic against the unwary reader who doesn’t know any better. Some of us do and DON’T LIKE IT ONE LITTLE BIT, you bastards.

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