Charles Lucky Lindberg: child killer and rather nasty person to know


…communed with demonic spirits who guided him across the Atlantic Ocean on that flight that made him a worldwide, household name. Like all bloodline nephilim, he murdered his own deformed son as a price – as they do in their system of things – to stay a celebrity and to earn out his fame.

He was put up as a FALSE IDOL, idolized by every school boy in the world. So, all those children looked up to a guy who drank blood, murders their first born for ultimate power, etc. The dark side wants the world looking up to the worst of human beings, in carefully crafted images, SO THEY DO NOT LOOK TO CHRIST.

It’s the biggest F YOU to our Father YHVH. “Hey look! We got your world by the balls, looking up to film and other idols we create with the WORST BLACK SOULS imaginable. And we are DOING IT.”

From his own biography.

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