Keeping the 7th day as our Sabbath - Saturday


Many professing Christians who have been leavened with false doctrine are conditioned to despise God’s law (though they won’t admit it), because their man teacher never taught them the difference between God’s ‘perfect law of liberty’ and the ‘law of Moses’, which was contrary to and against the people.

These same professing Christians tell us that ‘Jesus is my Sabbath’, to justify them defiling the sabbath by forgetting about and disregarding the 4th commandment, even though there are no scriptures that teach that Jesus became our sabbath and did away with his 4th commandment. Yet there are scriptures that contradict their false doctrine. They also tell us that only 9 of the 10 commandments are repeated in the New Testament, when clearly Hebrews 4 shows us that there REMAINS a rest to the people of God and that God “limiteth a CERTAIN day”, and how God rested upon the seventh day, and that we must enter that rest by ceasing from our work, as God did from his… upon ‘THE’ 7th day.

There is an important lesson to learn from this. If someone claims to know Jesus, and yet they don’t keep his commandments and they use the Bible out of context to justify their defiling of God’s holy sabbath, that is a person you should not trust, because that is a person who is a ‘LIAR’.

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