Demon Shine of a Satanic Cult Figure


The Breakdown, as I’ve learned it from dealing and seeing these things for many decades.

  • Demon Stare: Demon infused nephy is projecting its "authority" over what it hopes to be a weak soul.
  • Demon Shine: Demon is more fully present and one can see two sets of eyes at the same time. Very often captured that way on film or video.
  • Demon Black eyes: Demon present and very much in control. It can and will kill whatsoever it will.
  • The slits: The demon infused nephy can and often does, at any time, especially when it thinks of bloodletting of any kind or seeking to dominate the surroundings, shift into its ever changing downward spiral into Canaanite DNA. Purer bloodline nephys prefer staying in full shift, when not in public. Au Natural, as they say.

That’s just their look, the eyes, the window to the nefesh, as such that comes through. Then there’s the smell. And that’s even rougher.

5’3” tall demon reptoid – David MisCavig CEO Scientology SeaOrg.

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