demon shine controlled opposition


Everywhere you go, the satanists revel in their PRIDE AND VANITY – and reveal their demons to the world. Those easily falling for the spell attached to the image, will click on an dive right in, filling their mind with lies, half truths, and the odd demon from time to time.

So, whom am I referring to?

Well, Trump with a demon stare, his favorite lean in projection? Certainly.

Jack Nicholson avatar – another adrenochromer with no mind now? No.

The single, left eye of Horus demon shining killer who murdered his wife? DING, we have a winner!

So, three satanists in one mast head.(Actually four, but that’s a cartoon, but a vulgar one, just F-ing. That’s all of them then, are satanist controlled opposition. And that is just one of hundreds and hundreds of so called “truth liars.”

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