The Demon Smell


The Demon Smell

Don Bradley October 5th, 2023

In addition to shadow walkers, the stare/shine/black eyes/slits, one is likely more than not, to run into certain smells that almost all of us usually assign to something other than what it is. Each demon, whether in the body or out of the body, has a smell. The shorthand is, in their natural state, angels smell like spring flowers (Lilies to roses) and demons smell like some form of decay/death.

The greater the demon, the fouler the stench. For these odors are quite beyond a smell, so to say. It’s a STENCH. A foul, nasty, stanky stench. Once experienced—and every person has smelled these at one time or another, but usually unawares—is quite unforgettable.

For the purposes of this treatise, breaking them down into demon types and ranks will serve no useful purpose, for most folks. Here’s the rule, what your eyes are seeing, your nose is smelling. It’s there alright. It may be subtle or masked by other odors that are present such as cooking, cigar, what have you. But it’s there, all the same.

Sadly, I’ve had years and years of this kind of experience. It comes with the territory of deliverance ministry and satanic altar/site/portal destruction. Even recently, I played a Jewbietube video (Chills) and out jumped a shadow walker and the foulest, nasty stench this rank carries (stale sweat/vomit) that instantly filled the room to the point that my son jumped up from the couch (as I was jumping up from the chair). Binding and casting out the demon at once and the room instantly purified and filled with the scent of lilies.

Stench understanding

A room that has a biting, rotten odor, which seems to stem from a single corner; this kind smells like a dead rodent or lizard; faint but pungent. Very often, under the bed, where a sleeping soul rests their body. A demon is in the house. Which means, it has legal right because of someone its attached to lives in the house; or a totem or charm is around; or something has been secreted in the home, by a visiting witch, housekeeper, mother of your spouse, any number of sources. The attachment has to be located and removed. The the entity must be lawfully evicted via the blood of Christ.

After this kind, the Stench branches off into two directions. Demons associated with attacking gentiles and christians, in an endless onslaught of tricks, devices, sneaky gossip, lust, desire, and destructive urges and ideas. Very often in combinations, e.g. hard liquor and anger triggers and you have a monster on your hands for the night, as many who have lived with alcoholics can so attest.

The 2 nd branch is the smell associated with witches of all types, ranks, and systems, for they are but one system, but in different languages and customs. Let’s be clear about that. Wiccan black magik is the same as any other kind of black magic. With the same outcomes. Fuller demonic possession and presence in the world.

Firstly, demons both embrace the stench and are loath that normies get of whiff of things. For they know that the Stench is that off-putting and will instantly alert ANYBODY that something—along with any phenomena that comes with it, and there always is—is dreadfully wrong. Like demons, witches, wizards, satanists of any caliber embrace the stench. It’s their perfume, blood tinged rot. These Canaanites/Edomites/Phoneticians/Carthaginians are so demon possessed in their nephilim reality, that they conflate demon lust as their own. That’s how far gone they are in their souls. Like, out of the book of life, gone.

Blessed is the soul that can smell as well as see, the truth of Earth. Amen.

What follows is going to be somewhat distasteful. But, reality is a bish, as is said.

Demons and gentiles

The kiss

The unique aspect of this odor and often, taste on one’s tongue, is that we’ve all experienced it, at one time or another. And, as usual, assigned some other explanation for the thing. And who gave you that bs esplanation/rationalization idea, after the odor? The demon did.


You kiss a new date and the taste an odor of decay is present, at least 3 times. If you persist after that, you have accepted the demon in and now it and a friend is attached to you. The often used rationalization is the person has a cavity—a bad one—that needs attending to. Nope.

The body smell

Bad body odor, especially when they are “excited.” This also has a unique signature of being sour, as in rotten onions. That’s a demon. If they bury themselves in perfum in all the right places, it’s done to mask that unavoidable thing the witch has so the victim, the gentile or christian is none the wiser.

Most women wear a hint of perfume; but drenching the stenching is a dead giveaway. Still, they do it. Among themselves witches and the like embrace it, so no coverup. It just depends.

The shadow walker

Previously discussed above.

In all these smells, the words sour, rotten, decay, onions, rotting fish, dead dog, a corpse, sulfur, etc the recurring theme is death. The beast system is built upon death. The death of babies, young children, etc. It’s the real currency of this world: blood. For satanists of any make or model, land or language, rite or ritual.

The ritual sites in the forest, old building

These can vary with the level of demonic presence as well as time of day or night. At night, the stench is very strong, often accompanied with a grey fog, that can be, at times, difficult to see through. At night, often, the two go together. During the day in bright sunlight, that is greatly reduced in odor and NO FOG. Demon or Evil Fog is a night thing or dark cave, DUMB, grotto, dark crossroad creek in a forst filled with rotting leaves and twisted trees; always, no sunshine. It betokens the presence of many demons, not just one. If you are in a place that smells just awful and the grey fog is present, that place has repeated and for a long time, the worst kind of indulgences into the darkest side of mankind. I’ve seen ghettos with the grey fog; James dean’s car crash photos have the grey demon fog, a coven hit foretold by himself and anyone that knew him; Spots in the forest, certain homes, river crossroads, like that. One other thing about the fog is very often, its quite cold, like a dramatic temperature difference outside the fog. Most naturals fogs are cooler, but this is very different; enough that one usually comments on “how cold it is here.”

The stiff, covered in blood soaked sheet. James Dead 1955 out on highway 41/46.

You can see the eyes of one of the demons in the fog behind the car.

The above is generally all the gentile or christian is likely to ever run into. But one never knows, truly, one’s destiny in things and one fine day, you find yourself being stalked by rakes, because the scuttlebutt is this location is used by witches and golly gee, there you are, heading there to make it all go away and the caretaker has summoned rakes for security.

The Dark Side

The greater the witch, the nastier the stench. The worse they become, the fouler their odors are, until

  • they are unkissable by anybody at anytime except for an air kiss. Think nasty dental decay coupled with a sour vacuum of putrid cheese. It's that bad. Right, Madonna?
  • That nasty rotten stench of battlefield corpse turned blue with rotten tuna and pig vomit. That's their body scent. Not very pleasant is it? Like the slits, they do what they can to hide it, but by the time the maiden becomes the mother, any sweet patchouli freshness becomes sour sweat and the aforementioned stank stench. It's bad. Like uber unclean privates bad. It's a blessing most folks cannot pick up on this, unless they are intimate to the person, then they will. Especially the women, that stench is really bad. To be quite frank, the more men and women they join with, the worse they smell. The more blood they drink, that stench of demon sweat becomes intolerable.

Demons can and often do everything they can to minimize stench. But, when dealing with higher rank Powers and such, they each have their own signature odor that any book of shadows has on record. I’d rather not go through them all or even say the names of these creatures, as in focusing on them, using their name, draws them to you. And many folks reading this might be tarded enough to say their names aloud and that would just be too bad for them. Most are not ready nor equipped to take on Dark Time Spirits, Principalities, Powers, demi-urges, etc. Most people aren’t ready for lower tier demons or understand what they are truly dealing with or they would cancel their TV stuff, dump much of their bilge and jewelry and get their tattoos removed post haste. People freak out over a slamming door or an unexplained banging sound down the hall. The baby shite of demonology. In point of fact, most cannot even see shadow walkers; very often, they blocked that out while young and now the eyes retain to this very day, that self inflicted protection block in their mind. They turned their own seeing off. I know a few children who actually did this, so they would stop seeing the things of Earth—the shadow between the shadows.

I’m of a certain a few people reading this have done that very thing. It’s up to you to rescind it.

That’s the basics.

All our senses have above and within the body, higher counterparts of the more ephemeral aspects of this dimension. We, and all of creation, is so constructed this way. Thoughts and ideas have odors, good and bad. This whole thing is quite a topic.

However, higher smell is the next thing for seeing, but folks are in the main, blind of the world of spirit. Where they are on their life walk…this is a blessing. Most would go mad. For even the mundane world of number, weight, and measure – aspects of time, space, matter, mind, soul, and spirit is a mystery to them, other than they get up and go to their thing to do daily, which is all they know of life. See the problem and the reality of things?



High Priest, Donald Turnipseed, the guy whom James Dead slammed into out on highway 41.

PS the whole satanic story of James Dean is one of a coven and witch rebuffed by Dean, whom put out a death curse on him, 2 weeks prior to his demise. All the proof and facts are in and every player was coven.

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