The Madonna...without filters or makeup


The dead look.

You can only replace those kidneys so many times, eh? You’re on your way out, surely your demons so advised. Trying to buy more time with tours and stuff…no.

The next time, will be the last time.

But not to worry, right? Your doubles will just lip-sync to your prerecorded concerts, as you yourself have done in the past. See how easy it is to let you go away. And you have NOTHING left to barter for and with whom?

You’ve already noticed the shift. People avoiding you, not returning calls on the snap, like it used to be. Maybe the coward crowd will pony up under orders and make you feel all loved. Really?

Ask Ellen degenerate how that worked out. When whole days go by and no one calls you.

Some Icon. Whatever beauty you had, is very much long gone. You look what you are, honey, a swollen pig.

Categories Adjudications and Judgements, Witches