A dialogue with brother Edu regarding satanic celebs


A dialogue with brother Edu

Besides the killer stone face, why they end with their face plastified becoming uglier after every new aesthetic procedure?

surgery cannot erase evil or give the terrible illusion of youth. They attain neither, like trannies, they will never be real women. Like the used up whores they are, never will radiate energy, youth, or charm. Only the stench and a hideous visage that makes children hide in their presence.

but why do they keep getting surgeries anyway?

Desperation, frantic hope. The walls are closing in. They can feel it. The tide turns against them, as it did Jezebel, and having epipens loaded with adrenochrome – like the Hildebeast was using in her last year before she was taken out. They have always lived in a false light of idol worship; for a season. Then summer becomes autumn, in their life and they know, if they don’t keep working for satan, they will die quickly. This is why the rolling stones, at 80 years, keep touring. To buy themselves more time on earth. Something satan can grant his own, as Dad does for His Own. But once their life cycle has come full, they can only rate minor extensions but at the cost of youth and vitality, something they all desperately wish to keep. Ironically, for their kind, an extension costs dearly. For us, an extension is also a revitalization.

Madonna never leaves the house without her kit. A large suitcase, with all the drip paraphenalia, with drawers with needles, tourniquets, etc. Many of them have that. Many. We wake up to coffee – they wake up to a shot of blood, to kickstart their heart.

And even so they don’t repent, how insane is that?

They wrote themselves out of the book of life, brother. Knew that would be the cost and they did it anyways. They’ve been feeding on children for decades. That blood costs themselves everything they value most – youth and beauty.

They also know, the very instant they even consider Christ as a solution – for they know He is Quite Real – satan will take them in that moment. That terrifies them, though Ironically, they profess all things satanic and how much fun there will be hell.

Of a truth, they know hell is not a place of pleasure and raping children. The abyss is a place of unending torment and grief beyond imaginings. It’s why they all do anything they can to prolong their life. They have bartered everything away to keep their idol status and “appear” young and relevant. Strip all that away and you have a bloated pig that stinks to high heaven.

I know the epipens which allergic people carry, epinephrine, when they oxidize, turn pink into adrenochrome. Officialy the epipens are made synthetically and there are patents for the production of epinephrine in industrial scale. But are the epipens really made this way or they are actually another product of adrenochrome farms? How usefull is for them this synthethic adrenochrome?

For reptoids, its pure adrenochrome. since 2004.

They use synthetic, when they cannot get the real thing. Because the spirit is in the blood, and synthetic has no spirit. So, it gives them a partial lift, but not what they need. For creatures so addicted and after age 40 – they all are HUGE adreno addicts. BIG TIME. Like Madonna, who has to have her blood replaced every single week, plus daily drips and pens. It’s why they look so horrid; the amounts of children blood they need to look young costs way too much and is reserved for only top tier useful whores. Once they are past their use by date, they lose access to the good stuff. many of them go onto the open market and buy it off of alibaba and other sites.

This is what happens when the adrenochrome spigot is turned off. This famous actress was 41 when this pic was taken a few years ago.

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