Der Juden Peterstein


I have a personal umbrage with this shill for evil. In 2018, he appeared overnight – as they do – acting like all the other people who pop up out of nowhere and are vetted like they have always been around since forever and of course, given titles like
  • Health Ranger!
  • Thinking man's man
  • et etc

They do this, so that as they appear, they even put in and say on camera, “for years, I/he/she/it has always brought you the truth about whatever their scam is…”

He is one of those obvious overnight – but acting as though he has been doing his shtick since forever – the CIA/Mossad machinery put into place. In his case, as the “thinking man’s professor.” And other marketing nom de-plumes.

I watched as all the kids just getting out of college had his stuff up on their screens. He was everywhere at once, overnight. Prior to 2018, it was Jordan who? By spring of that year, he was everywhere and pushed by all the MSM big bugs. And the young guys fell for it. I saw it in my own home, as three sons was watching his stuff.

I just shook my head and listened.

He hates christians, God, and Christ.

He says the bible is a fiction and that people with faith and a connection with Christ have it all in their heads and are to be pitied as mental defectives.

That’s amazing, because most of the crowd he runs with are avowed satanists and have openly declared their allegiance to Satan. But he doesn’t run down the Talmud/satanism for the same reasons he destroys Christians. In his theology, christ is a fiction but the devil is real.



So, biding my time. A curse against you for your deceptions. I know of 2 boys that gave up their faith – good guys too – because of this devil. I knew if I waited, he would out himself with his own words.

As he repeatedly has done.

He used to say war was human evil, but now he rants about destroying Iran and Palestine to oblivion. Hey Jordy? Aren’t you being human evil?

Then the Marina pics and the slits and the black eyes stuff on him. Then he told all his fans to get vaxxed weaponized. He used every device and guilt tactic in the playbook to shame his followers into getting into the mark of the beast line.

So, yeah, Peterstein. You are busted and you cannot put your carefully crafted image back into the frame, which you yourself destroyed.

When asked what he thinks about Christ, he says he doesn’t believe in fictions.You are a serious monster and your star is falling, right into the abyss.

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