Phoenician canaanite modern jew - judgment


Soon, the arc of the Covenant will come forth and none can stop it, not even satan. Soon, the damned will find themselves covered in various plagues, rivers of blood, and with a burning sun that ONLY hurts the wicked, not the children of YHVH or the gentile.

The mark of Cain is on your soul for all to see and they see you as you truly are; loathesome, blood drinking murderers crazy with the lust for babies, animals, and degenerate sexual depredations.

They want the 12 tribes killed off in Europe, South America, Canada, USA. And every government in the west is controlled by these demonic baby killers.

As long as Israel continues it depredations in Eastern Europe and Gaza, so shall the HEAVY rains come to where the zionist-canaanites gather in New York, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Spain, Greece, Washington DC, anywhere in the state of Virginia, etc. Amen.

False Flag America as you are doing your real invasion of Gaza and far worse is going to come to the Holy Land. You think you are untouchable, lucifer’s chosen race. Then enjoy the judgment against your wickedness in the world. It is so. Amen.

Your time has arrived, child killer.

download and grow in understanding of the enemy of men and Christ.

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