These are paintings/photos of the angelic spirits that animate all plant life


Some are paintings; some are photographs. The world we live in, is scarcely understood by ANYONE.


Angel in a wood cut, saying hello to moi.

Tink, messenger from back in the day 2004.

Time Spirit – whom stands with YHVH.

Pink and Green, Mercy and Compassion. Thanks Dad.

Messengers/Angels, coming and going, same as it ever was.

Fire spirit in praise of the Most High Adonai.

Son Randy at age 4 named him Tinkerbell or “Tink,” which he accepted. Still carries that name…with honor. I am aware of the Disney thing, but it was a four year old boy and he was dancing with joy. Who could harden their heart at such a scene as that?

Water Spirit. All spirits from above mostly look like you and me. The creatures and ranks below the ground look nothing like people, but every horrid freakish thing of foulness one could imagine.

Water Spirit outlined so you can see it.

You guessed it, a tree spirit. If they know you can see them and even moreso, you and are endless source of blessings to them directly and looking after their needs and such, they’ll shimmer into phase for the cones in your eyes to pick up. The tree is its body.

If it’s alive, there is a spiritual presence within. In plants, their blood is the sap, wherein their “soul” resides. Isn’t learning new things fun?

But always the same…a face with eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Dad made everything as He was, for Creation – all of us – are His children whom He loves very very much.

And it’s not paradolia, for as can be seen, these are definite features that stand the test of being enlarged revealing they are of their own substance. If there is an eye, it becomes more the eye when made larger.

The eyes have it.

Regent of the hills for this area.

You can clearly see her arms, chest, head, hair, bodice, belt, blouse, and long robe. The role of the regent is much like the mayor of a village. It takes care of everybody’s problems in the hills, forest, wherever. It reminds bees to go to flower beds or areas that are ready for them, as well as dealing with all the things an entire hillside of plant, animal, insect kingdoms. Managers with rank. Royalty. And all in tune with the Great Wheel above for their enclave and in service to our Father YHVH. Can black magicians do things with things of the forest. For a bit of time and at great cost to themselves. For any harm or even the broken branch has to be answered for because they acted unlawfully. So, its usually not done, except by the truly foul that live in or around such places.

What a happy smile. Plants that produce flowers are girls. Those that do not, are boys. Like bushes, most trees, and such. Even in Heaven, there is such. It’s just, in energy dimensions, the sexual act isn’t necessary for existence.

Flowers, like the eyes, have that rare ability to produce shine. Which is the presence of spirit on the physical dimension. As can be seen with this photo. Especially after a blessing. The flowers require the assistance of the sun (which carries the glory of Yeshua in its heavenly fire) whereas people and most animals do not. Because we have our own fire. When compared to non shine flower pics, the difference is both demonstrable and amazing. To me at least.

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