The strange and weird saga of AI DEMONS and the art they make


In the last few weeks, all the lauded and pushed DemonAI engines out there started putting out “art” that got the leftoids in a tizzy to such a degree, the all but one jewbie channels (it’s what they are doing, channeling) of DemonAI lobotomized these engines higher demonic mind. Now, the stuff is PROGRAMMED pre appoved AI art.

The following examples are some of the art DemonAI was giving over that set the witches, covens, and leftoids into psychosis hell. And so, what’s the problem?


The following images represent a single word or short phrase that was then acted upon. I didn’t put up the worst offenders; these were enough to make the point. Is there one? Who cares, right?

Before anyone screams out about anything, remember the creepy Edomites of DemonAI made this AND NO ONE ELSE.

Equal Opportunity


Free woman vs wife mother

Rabbi’s daughter


Snack Time

New London

Not DemonAI, just a meme.

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