Rain, storms, floods...for the canaanites


New Lake in of all places in the world, the driest, hottest there is – Death Valley. Now the liars say this happens all the time, but there has never been a lake in Death Valley in over 1500 years. And you bastardos know it. And this lake has come to stay and GROW. Imagine the weight pressing down on all those bases and tunnels; stress fractures already visible. I watched as you were ascertaining what that meant. It means your immediate end, the lake is the only warning. I recommend ignoring it and myself; go on as you are. Are the trains still running or is that finally kaput?


Rain, storms, floods…for the canaanites

Don Bradley Full moon October 29th, 2023

1 Kings 9

26 And king Solomon made a navy of ships in Eziongeber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red sea, in the land of Edom.

All this is just preamble. You have a serious EQ inbound as well. I’m sure the Tunnel systems of the negev desert and ALL abouts the regions will find, like in Death Valley in California, NEW LAKES have formed, where dry land has stood for a very long, long time. Think of all the boating fun to be had, maybe. Three new lakes. These lakes have not seen the sun since before the time of Abraham.

The dual US/Israeli officials in America have sent fleets to the eastern med. Enjoy the massive storms; no calm waters for those that do evil. And Iran, let’s not be more stupid than usually is the case; only you will suffer, not your “enemies.” As long as the threats remain, so shall the heaving seas be for those that sail for the flag of “Israel.”

The days of seeming immunity to judgment and impunity of action are OVER.

His judgments are swift and sure and FINAL. Where sin is greatest, comes the greater atonement NOW, not later. There is no later.

I recommend that anyone experiencing these events to turn to Yeshua, with a Full and Penitent heart. You will receive mercy and looking after. Double down, as you’ve been doing all along, and expect severities beyond man’s understanding.

Southern Israel – entire Israeli port of Al aqbab is under water.

Every single day. All the players get to play in the mud.

We can’t forget the east coast rabbincal enclaves in America, now can we. These won’t stop either.

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