Juden Peterstein gets asked to comment on the Israel Palestine war


…first thing he does is gaslights the audience telling them how great Canannite pigs and slugs are and how their special nature attracts jealousy which in his view is a sign of society degrading. This pig is a crypto Juden.

Gay Russel Brand Rothschild with Demon Stare and sycophant Juden Peterstein.

Zero nuance. No mention of how he personally tried to direct the support of his young male fan base towards supporting a foreign country they could end up dying for. No mention of how disproportionate Jewish Zionist representation in politics leads to unequivocal support for Israel.

This man is utterly disgusting. He wants white America to go die in Iran for the bloodlust of Cain.
What happened to the chatter that Jordan murdered a boy who went missing, and it was confirmed police interviewed Jordan who had recently DM’d with him to offer “guidance”? This was shortly before Jordan flew out with Ben Shapiro for that infamous creepymax dinner photo. Implication was he was forever comp’d to serve them using the boy’s murder for blackmail. Explains his teary eyed jittery absolute state.
Jordy closes his eyes when he talks to hide the slits from guys like me. Every time he opens his drugged out benzo pie hole, he looks as wasted as a junky on a ten day bender.

Your “wife” is a man, dude. Shut up.

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