They came to mock you and blaspheme Me


They came to mock you and blaspheme Me

Don Bradley

So, this morning I put up some pics from my last week, my life in Dad’s cathedral, one of many. In that post, I mentioned a small lake in the area I visit and when there, hang out with the birds and feed them when I have something. Today was no different; a found a bag of old stale chips with no stuffs in them and off to the lake I went.

As happens, they all came over and hung out and they consumed all the food, while we were visiting. So, even though they were still around for buggles and snackems, I headed off for a walk, see you later kind of thing. I was alone otherwise, no other cars or people.

So, half way around the lake – which is a mile in circumference – here come the cars, four of them. As I kept walking they all piled out of the cars and proceeded to the nearest open shore with a beach and were tossing food at the birds.

And all of them fled away, to a small island away at the middle of the lake. ALL OF THEM.

I asked a Mallard that was nearby what was going on. He and Dad confirmed, that they HATE the witches. Every witches sabbath and full moon, they come to lake and the reed beds and rob their nests of their children…for spells and potions.

And they’ll never trust them and want nothing to do with them. Wow.

I asked Dad about it and He said,

“They came to mock you and blaspheme my name.”

I didn’t mind the mocking Donnie part but the blasphemy thing set me off the deep end.

They were trying everything to get the birds to come and eat. Waving at them, calling them, tossing bits of whatever they brought into the water. Some of the younger ones came close, but even the children sped off when they got a whiff of that stench and their nasty grey/black radiance.

Still, I’m not sure how they would think their feeding the birds was somehow offensive to me; but He explained that the implication was…by me…that my relationship with Him is why they came. Of course it is. My whole life. They love that Yeshua vibe I rock. As all His children do.

Anyways, another lamo sad attempt at mockery gone awry. It wouldn’t have had the effect upon me as they might suppose. In fact, only stunted childish souls would even think of something like that, which is what they are.

The other day…

Witches suck, they say.

PS. Whomsoever harms a single one of these birds for this post will find that choice largely mistaken.

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