Clearing out chemwalls of death UPDATED


Everything west of Barstow to the sea.

As they usually do everywhere a storm is inbound, the omega squadron devils get and front run the storm with a couple of days of total whiteout chemhell. As everyone knows.

So, yesterday and today was no different. Except…

Yesterday, as they tried to lay it down in Kern country – which is BIG – I asked Dad if He could make it all go away. He did. I did this under survelliance, adding aloud, and it will stay clear for 100 miles even after sunset. Within 40 minutes, they had over a dozen jets in the sky, when at first there was only 2.

It didn’t matter. Within a few minutes, every single line vanished.

So, wake up this morning to a total horizon to horizon whiteout in every direction. I asked Dad again, if He could this time, erase it from 100 miles and everything west of abouts Barstow and out to the Pacific ocean.

Which is then what happened.

Especially on dead moon day; no ugly blackish sky of woe and itchy poison. Instead, Grace and Glory.


Angels of the Air all formed into a line, singing of His Glory. Merciful and Kind, in the extreme for sodomite Los Angeles.

Bless you brothers for serving YHVH.

From horizon to horizon…

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