Storm inbound on New Moon 11-14/15


A new moon storm. Wednesday is 1st of Kislev. However, sunset Tuesday is new moon eve, as prescribed in the Holy Word.

They use dead moon day – which is what I call the day before the real new moon in which the first sliver of moon is visible – and the covens and synagogues use that day for casting spells and curses and hexes against the saints.

That’s today.

So, if you are feeling a bit attacked, you are. Just ask Yeshua to return all spells, hexes, and curses to sender times 1000 fold. He will. As I have done.

Time to turn it all back on again, for California. Let all the waters impede the covens, bury the tunnels, and drown the grottoes. Amen.

Categories Adjudications and Judgements, Miracles