Yet another lame attempt to defeat YHVH with Chemtrail death clouds


11-14-23 socal clear of chemsoup

From the Sierras to San Diego 530pm 11-14-23 New Moon – southern california cleared of chemsoup. Again. See what a prayer can do?

So, same as yesterday and the day before. I get up in the morning and the busy bees are buzzing around the sky, making with the weaving web of death, to choke off the people and occut the Glory of the Son, via our sun. (Read the bible about the significance of the sun in the sky to Yeshua and His Glory; among other things.)

Told them no, being under 24/7 survelliance.

What an ugly morning. Plenty of barium, aluminum, and graphene for the world below. Mass murderers get up early in the morning.

Really pouring it on.

And by 4pm, where is it?

Oh! It’s in the west, disappearing over the Pacific.

And with no wind today…wonder how that happened.

That’s more like it. Keep trying…maybe you can block the new moon from Kern county.

But, they are still at it.

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