Not so, Mr. Finkelstein


Nor you, madam cankersore.

Ever wonder about the explosion of cankersores among your kind of late? It’s almost a common question now, does anyone know what to take for burning cankersores?

You thought you would get to have things your own way and that always.

That’s what the demons told you, right?

If I added up all the things that came to pass on these pages, wouldn’t that make quite the list. I don’t have to. You already did and are, doing it.

So you know.

As do I.

This is how its going to be going forward.

Not all your own way. His Way.

For YHVH is Adonai. And His Son Yeshua, is King and Judge.

And Creator.

He made all that is, that you endlessly claim for your greedy littles selves.

I mean really… You bugger little boys as your heights of culture. Little girls, too.

What Creator in any imagination of anywhere would ever think bipedal meatsacks both raping and murdering the children, is something good and to build upon for the likes of Heaven?

Only the mentally ill, sick in soul and spirit, believe in such delusions. You believe Gaza is yours.

Nothing belongs to you. Nothing.

You can have nothing in that He gives it. Nothing.

When that bell rings in your tiny little heads, then….


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