Gee, it was all A PLAN


What Musk and CIA will do now, is shift the launches to vandenburg AFB, so they can do digital launches with no witnesses – as launch groupies from all over the world attend these things – and CGI the whole event, as they do with VAFB launches.



SpaceX’s Starship rocket reaches space but is intentionally destroyed mid-flight


Sure. Blowing up your rockets two times in a row is a plan?

Excuse the world for NOT believing this load of bullshite.


  • SpaceX launched its Starship rocket into space on Saturday, with Elon Musk’s company pushing development of the towering vehicle past new milestones.
  • It flew for several minutes before an unknown issue triggered the intentional destruction of the rocket. No people were on board this test flight.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration will oversee a “mishap” investigation into the flight, a standard regulatory procedure, before SpaceX can launch another Starship rocket.

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