Israel Having fun with rain and Med "storm surges"


Attempt at draining out the tunnels, we flooded, and in Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Clearly, you want more water. Clearly.

This and next week in Tel Aviv.


You cannot hide all the footage of these “storm surges.” Call it what they are – tidal movements against a wicked and unholy land. You tread upon the lands of the Holy Patriarchs and have sinned against Adonai.

You deserve all of this and much more. Such is the doings and fate of hideous, bloated homosexual swine canaanites.

This is only the beginning of woes for the damned.

Nephilim killers, all.

nephys kicked out of every country because they bring death and corruption – nothing changes with evil

sissy boy jewbie nephy in slits/shift to intimidate a woman.

Don’t let the facade of beauty mislead you. These are killers who drink baby blood and smear it all over their body before the orgies start.

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