The way of evil


The way of evil

Don Bradley 12-10-23

Crowley… From Liber 777 revised (A complete dictionary of the correspondences of all magical elements):

“Crowley, however, was not content with the traditional qabalistic teaching of this Western Heremetic Order with its stress on magic and demonology. He travelled eastwards, becoming a fair Arabic scholar and studying the Mahommedan secret tradition under a qualified teacher in Cairo. Going on to India he learned the elements of Shaivite Yoga at the feet of Sri Parananda, who was Solicitor-General of Ceylon before he became a sadhu. In Southern India he studied Vedanta and Raja Yoga with “the Mahatma Jnana Guru Yogi Sabhapaty Swami.” He was thus qualified to equate the Hindu and Qabalistic systems. Allan Bennett, his friend and teacher in the Golden Dawn, had become the Burmese Buddhist bhikkhu Ananda Metteya. Crowley studied under him both in Ceylon and Burmah, and so was able to add the Hinayana* Buddhist columns to 777. Although he walked eastwards into China he never found a qualified teacher of Taoism or the Yi King. His attributions of the trigrams to the Tree of Life and his explanation of the hexagrams in Appendix I to 777 were based on Legge’s translation.”

Brother E asks:

In general terms, what is the difference between all these traditions? Western Hermeticism, Qabala, Mahomedan, Vedic, Buddhism, Taoism, and so many other tribal magick systems scattered troughout the world. Why there are so many occult systems, often contrasting, and what they all have in common in their practices? Aren’t they all supposed to obtain the same thing: more power though the Fallen?

These are just varying versions of demonic magic as it played it with each principality of the country. These fallen angels rule the country, and have their own spin regarding the dark way. Hence the outward differences, but the inward realities are quite similar in every respect. DB


Which system is the chiefest among them? For a start.

Kabbala is the most offensive and is just evil right from the start. The others are lead ins…which means, in DB lexicon, they lead in with false light and other things, as I discovered in the 80s, only at the highest and most long lived (the idea being to pull you in for so very long, you CANNOT turn back, as it were) before one realizes he is in fact, heading toward lucifer and pure evil. By that time, the acolyte doesn’t notice it, because of ALL THOSE YEARS in the system. They count on that because it works. After 20 years in the monastery, you are in the group; by then, those that sweet the light are cast out, and the those doomed to endless night are promoted.

In 1985, a friend who had an extensive and most complete library of occult works dumped a Rosicrucian order box full of every single monograph ever created from the entry level to the highest of the high degrees. In short, at the last 3 degrees, the sacred word people waiting for, for some 30 odd years was LUCIFER AND abracadabra, something like that. At each high degree, they would dish over another syllable of their sacred word. I threw the whole thing in the fireplace 20 years ago. So, the joke was, after a lifetime in the system, you get some hoaky magic word and lucifer. But the real danger, damage and ruin came in how the neophyte used these syllables and words and that was pure, celtic/Egyptian black magic. Then there were the secret BLACK degrees, that could only be given in Temple. I’ve no idea what these ever were, not being in their system. DB

The very first ritual in the Rosy Way was they had the newbie go in a room, doors closed, all sounds ended, in front of a mirror in darkness with a lit candle between the mirror and the newbie. Then, you were supposed to just empty your mind and stare at the mirror, seeing but not seeing. Yes, that is possible to do. I tried it, for giggles, to see what would happen. There was something we were supposed to recite, I don’t remember, and then just wait for a bit of time. Then what you did, was write to HQ in San Jose whatever you experienced.

Well, in my case, I blessed the candle, as I always do, in the name of Christ. This, apparently, was a bozo no no… Before I blessed the candle, I saw shadows moving across the back wall and I was impressed to bless the candle in Yesh’s name. So I did. The shadows vanished. I sent the thing in. Never heard from them after that. I guess I failed whatever test that was..

Another thing too was, once I blessed the candle – and I still remember this detail more than any other that night – had to be done at night – the candle became this Glorious Presence with 3 rings of fiery light, much like you see in my sun pics. And an angel about 7 inches tall, whose heart was the center of the flame. That’s what really stayed with me. I was 26 at the time.

The guy who had the box of Rosicrucian monographs? He was a bishop in the catholic church; and this guy had THE most books on the occult extant, worth a fortune. He donated it all to some guy in sedona. His connection was with old Krotona in Hollywood, up in beach wood canyon. Where all the dying theosophists kept giving him their grimmoires and books. Some were a few hundred years old, written in Latin, Italian, German, Old English. Like that. And, of course, he was gay, just not openly so, because…the church. In the 70s, things were different. These witches operated behind the facade of goodness to ply their wares. Anyways…. DB

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